About Us

Voices for Justice and Equality in the Workplace

We represent clients in both the private and public sectors in all types of employment related actions, including Employment Discrimination (i.e., race, color, age, sex, religion, national origin, and disability), Retaliation, Sexual Harassment, Reasonable Accommodations in the workplace, Wrongful Terminations, Equal Pay Violations, Labor Disputes, Family and Medical Leave Act ("FMLA") Complaints, Unemployment Claims, Wage and Hour Complaints, Unfair Fair Labor Practice Charges, Grievance Hearings, Merit Systems Protection Board ("MSPB") Appeals (i.e., Prohibited Personnel Actions), Whistle-Blower Protection Act Claims, Contractual Disputes, and Severance. We proudly service federal employees throughout the United States and provide legal assistance to clients across Greater Atlanta, Georgia. Our other practice areas include Mediation and Arbitration. We have successfully handled cases from the negotiation of settlement agreements to litigation.

Our firm's primary goal is improving employer/employee relations in the workplace. The key to good employee relations is communication, well-defined job expectations, established company policies, and consistency. To that end, we also provide legal representation, Human Resources Consulting, and fair employment practices training to labor organizations and small business employers.

Our Reputation

Our firm has earned an excellent reputation for pursuing clients' rights under the law with tenacity and professionalism. We provide effective, professional, comprehensive, and effective legal services because of our extensive legal experience and training. Clients praise our work and maintain lasting business relationships with our firm.


Our fee structure is flexible, depending on the complexity of the case. We evaluate each case individually and structure a fee arrangement tailored to the client's legal needs. Our firm is committed to providing quality legal services to clients. Please contact the firm at (678) 216-0305 to inquire about our consultation and legal fees. We accept all major credit cards.